"What is Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux?"

"I begin to eat healthy foods but what about my dog?"

"I have high blood pressure, can I eat salt?"

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"Do You Use Essential Oils? Which Company is Best?"

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"What is the best prevention for flu when I don't take flu shot?"

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"Since you are all natural, what is your secret to cook healthy meals?

"Table, Kosher, Sea, Pink or Grey Salt - Which is Healthier?"

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"Why Choose 5 For Your Business' Name?"

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"Should I take Vitamin D supplement?"

"I have high blood pressure, can I eat salt?"

"Why Am I Constipated?"

​​​​​I am a holistic consultant servicing the U.S. to improve one's health. 

"Is Coffee Good or Bad?"

5 Wellness received a lot of questions relate to health and wellness. So Rochella created "Q&A with Rochella" to answer your questions once monthly, (before every Wednesdays).

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"How to Save Money on Organic Foods?"

"What is the difference between green smoothie and green juice?"

"What is Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure?"

"I'm taking your product, Hawaiian Spirulina tablets. Does it mean I don't need to eat greens?"

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"The article reported that red meat and processed meats can cause cancer. Is that true?"