​​​​​I am a holistic consultant servicing the U.S. to improve one's health. 

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How Can I Help You?

E-mail: support@5wellness.com

​5 Wellness is the result of my passion, expertise and appreciation for holistic living. 

The business model is strongly centered on the holistic, whole-person approach. The focus is on prevention rather than “cure”. I will always source only the highest quality products to help build and support your health.

In addition to the products, I also offer private consulting to help you make a successful new wellness plan and to support your journey to a strong healthy lifestyle. 

5 Wellness provide ASL videos about holistic health and wellness topics.

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You don't need personal time with me? You just want to learn more about health? No problem! Holisitc Education Center offer you FREE holistic and health information!

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Do you need a direct communicate with me about your health matters? The one-on-one wellness support session will serve, empower and reinforce YOU in your journey. 

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