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5 Wellness' Detox Program

Seven Reasons Why You Should Detox Your Body

by Rochella Jones

​​​​​I am a holistic consultant servicing the U.S. to improve one's health. 

Many people have bodies that are so clogged after years of eating foods and breathing air that contain toxins. This clogged nature is also found in the skin, which absorbs toxins.

A solution is to cleanse your body for happier and healthier living. 5 Wellness recommends that you do the program in this order:
colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, and then liver cleansing. The recommendation is to do the cleansing every six months or every year.

5 Wellness' detox program uses natural and safe herbs that are not harmful to your body. We have developed this program based on years of experience and studies of health books.

If you're interested to detoxify your body, please contact Rochella -- support@5wellness.com for more information and instructions.

1. Colon Detox     2. Kidneys Detox    3. Liver Detox